Risk reduction

Build risk profiles for your own investment portfolios to manage allocation strategies better and sell risky or redundant assets. Create and add ‘virtual’ funds or portfolios to perform ‘what if’ analyses to assess changes in risk. read more...


Pevara’s reliable and diverse benchmarks enable LPs to rigorously evaluate their existing funds and potential investments

Pevara’s benchmarks are based on cash flows provided by limited partners which are subject to Pevara’s rigorous data validation process. This approach generates more reliable benchmarks than those pieced together from general partner surveys or Freedom of Information Act requests. It also ensures that Pevara’s benchmarks cover the wide range of strategies, geographies and fund sizes limited partners require to benchmark all the funds in their portfolio.

Pevara’s benchmarks are not only reliable they’re easy to use. Limited partners can effortlessly generate multiples views of benchmark data to support their analysis via Pevara’s extensive library of interactive charts and tables.

Limited partners have confidence in Pevara’s benchmarks because Pevara’s data methodology is transparent and currency fluctuations are eliminated from the benchmarks.


Accurately benchmark fund of funds, funds with investments across multiple regions and a portfolio of funds

With Pevara’s unique custom weighted benchmarks limited partners can tailor a benchmark to reflect the mix of strategies, regions, vintages and asset allocation that make up a specific fund in their portfolio. For example, a benchmark can be created that mirrors a fund of funds comprised of 60% distressed debt, vintage years 2007-2009 and 40% mezzanine capital, vintage years from 2005-2008. Similarly, a limited partner can create a benchmark that mirrors an entire portfolio.

The long standing practice of benchmarking fund of funds against a pool of other fund of funds creates the risk of making an investment decision based on data that isn’t relevant – Pevara eliminates this risk. Pevara’s custom weighted benchmark also provides limited partners with new insight into the performance of their portfolio and creates greater transparency between limited partners and their investors.