Independent performance calculations

Using Pevara to calculate invested fund performance and returns provides an independent and consistent view of private equity performance, reducing your organization’s reliance on GP presentations and external advisors. read more...

Pevara Management

Olivier Dellenbach - Chief Executive Officer

As the founder and CEO of eFront, a leading software provider of financial solutions, Olivier has extensive experience in the alternative investment and risk management industries. He leads the strategic paths of Pevara, ensuring innovation remains the core value. Before founding eFront, he co-founded NAT Systèmes in 1987, becoming its chairman in 1989. At the end of 1998, with offices in eight different countries, over 250 employees and revenues of over €35 million, the company was bought by Canadian group Cognicase. Olivier is a graduate of École Polytechnique, one of Europe’s most selective engineering schools.