Risk reduction

Build risk profiles for your own investment portfolios to manage allocation strategies better and sell risky or redundant assets. Create and add ‘virtual’ funds or portfolios to perform ‘what if’ analyses to assess changes in risk. read more...

Performance monitoring and analytics

Pevara offers a comprehensive suite of portfolio performance analysis tools, that provide your firm with insights to support investment decision making. 

Pevara provides limited partners with: 

  • A customizable library of charts and analysis options
  • Performance metrics that include internal rates of return (IRRs), time weighted returns (TWRs), performance multiples, quartiles analysis and public market equivalent (PME) comparisons
  • Interactive charts with real-time slice and dice filtering by investment attributes - Pevara is the only solution to offer this
  • Support for calculating returns in all of the major currencies

Pevara's analytics stem from the work of leading academics and industry experts, giving firms consistent results and critical insights every time. The Pevara performance monitoring services make it simple to link these fund analytics with Pevara's benchmarks derived from actual reported LP cash flows.

Portfolio performance monitoring with Pevara enables clients to analyze portfolio and market data through customizable charts and visualizations, providing vital metrics across various investment attributes and currencies.

Pevara provides a self service solution for general partners with capabilities that include: 

  • Valuation, portfolio and performance reporting and analysis
  • Dynamic filtering and analysis with real-time slicing and dicing
  • An extensive chart of library of key performance analytics: IRR, Money Multiples, TWR, Private and Public Fund Level Benchmarking and much more
  • Multiple data upload options, from back offices or Excel™

Pevara gives GPs analysis tools that will help them look across the portfolio, from many different perspectives, and deliver consistent and accurate results. Pevara's pre-built reporting library, real-time filtering capabilities and ease of deployment make it ideally suited to helping GPs analyze their portfolio data.