Independent performance calculations

Using Pevara to calculate invested fund performance and returns provides an independent and consistent view of private equity performance, reducing your organization’s reliance on GP presentations and external advisors. read more...

Due diligence

Pevara enables users to build due diligence reports for analysing, comparing, and presenting new investment opportunities.

Pevara can help limited partners perform 'what if' analyses through uploading projected cash flows and evaluating the impact on portfolio exposure and potential returns, as well as benchmarking the track record of prospective fund managers using the Pevara Private Equity Index. Creating accurate due diligence reports with Pevara makes it easy for you to consistently evaluate prospective investments.

Pevara is versatile. Leverage the Pevara due diligence capabilities when you include cash flows for potential secondary investments and measure their performance independently, as well as adding and removing funds from bespoke portfolios to see the impact of potential secondary purchases or sales on the investment portfolio. Mix and match potential investments with your current portfolio investments to assess impacts on exposure and overall portfolio returns.

Pevara provides investment analysts at general partners with easy, self-service access to their portfolio data, giving them slide-and-dice capabilities in real time to analyze their portfolio whenever and wherever they need. Users can utilize standardized workbooks to show fund-level track recordsof performance, and include these as part of due diligence packs. Reporting data is even available remotely, which makes it invaluable for use in presenting pitchbooks during fundraising.

Due diligence reports with Pevara ensures that comparing investment opportunities can be done quickly, simply and effectively with accurate data.