Reliable benchmarks

Pevara provides robust and consistent benchmarking against current portfolio or potential investments, not only helping you to make better decisions today, but also validating past ones. read more...

Asset allocation

Analysing exposure and monitoring risk is a critical part of any successful investment portfolio.

As strategic asset allocation continues to play a large role in portfolio construction and risk monitoring, Pevara will help you to monitor evolving trends in the industry to ensure that you keep strategies up to date within a changing marketplace. 

Use Pevara to compare target portfolio strategies to actual asset allocations by both invested capital and current valuations. Monitor trends in the private equity marketplace to build or support business cases for increased asset allocation to new geographies or to develop new asset allocation strategies.

Through standardized investment attributes across the benchmarking database and client portfolios, asset allocation and risk monitoring reports are accurate and consistent enabling users to quickly integrate Pevara results into their asset allocation models.

Slice and dice filtering enables better monitoring of performance and asset allocation strategies, while ‘What if’ analyses can help with clear and accurate measurement of the impact of buying and selling groups of funds on the secondary market. Using Pevara strategic allocation tools can help make better informed decisions when analyzing and monitoring the portfolio risk associated with investment purchases or sales.