Increased efficiency

Reduce the time and effort spent on data entry, so staff can spend more time analysing, assessing and evaluating strategies and investments. Using Pevara for due diligence also helps identify potential investment opportunities earlier. read more...


Pevara provides performance and benchmarking solutions designed to support limited partners investing in private equity.

Pevara enables investors to monitor their portfolio’s performance, benchmark fund investments and evaluate new investment opportunities.

Pevara improves the due diligence process by standardising the analytics performed against a fund manager’s track record and benchmarking their past performance.

Pevara also assists with asset allocation by evaluating the performance of potential investment strategies and providing benchmarks for private equity performance and comparable public market index returns.

The benchmark analytics provided by Pevara are based on robust, accurate and credible fund performance data, supplied by a range of contributors from across the globe. With Pevara, users can make independent performance calculations and generate presentation-quality reports, helping them to optimize both portfolio risk and performance.